May 22, 2024

Libyan political leaders encouraged to quickly reach comprehensive, final and time-bound agreements to bring the country to 2023 elections


UNSMIL noted the joint statement of the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the High Council of State regarding their discussions in Cairo yesterday.

UNSMIL calls on both chambers to quickly reach a full and final agreement, including on the controversial issues, to finalize the necessary steps to bring the country to a national election within a timeframe.

UNSMIL reiterates the obligation of political leaders in Libya to demonstrate a real and ongoing commitment to building lasting peace based on previous HoR and HCS agreements to resolve the political crisis through the election as soon as possible.

The Delegation’s position remains clear that a national compromise is needed to establish a clear road map for elections with a clear timetable to usher in a new era for Libya, the neighboring countries and regions. The people of Libya need and deserve to choose their leaders with legitimacy returned to state institutions immediately.

UNSMIL, in accordance with its mandate, remains ready to support genuine initiatives aimed at achieving national consensus for a Libya-Libya solution to the protracted political crisis.