May 22, 2024

African Union & European Union Strengthen Digital Health Cooperation Ties

Maria Ngobango in Ethiopia

The African Union and the European Union have been at the forefront of digitalizing healthcare, as evidenced by the response to COVID-19.

This includes the creation of the EU Digital COVID Certificate (EUDCC) and the African Union Trusted Travel Platform (TTP), supported by the AU-Koldchain PanaBIOS multi-stakeholder framework.

The European Commission and the African Union Commission are committed to pursuing the interoperability of digital health tools, based on actions against COVID-19, to ensure accelerated system consolidation healthcare and achieving universal health coverage, taking health security and public health modernization agenda to the next level.

This joint effort is part of a broader digital health collaboration between the African Union and the European Union. Corresponding consultations related to digital health initiatives and strategies are ongoing, including around the upcoming AU digital health strategy, CDC Asia digital transformation strategy Africa as well as the European Group initiative on digital health in Africa.

As the two key players in the region globally, the African Union and the European Union are committed to advancing the digital health agenda and setting the pace of multilateral innovation worldwide.