May 22, 2024

UN High Commissioner alarmed at abduction of at least 50 women in Burkina Faso


The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights,  Volker Türk is very worried about the kidnapping of at least 50 women in Burkina Faso. He wants them released immediately and unconditionally.

“I am alarmed that dozens of women out to search for food for their families were abducted in broad daylight, in what could be the first such attack deliberately targeting women in Burkina Faso,” said Volker Türk.

“I call for the immediate and unconditional release of all the abducted women and for the national authorities to promptly conduct an effective, impartial and independent investigation to identify those responsible and hold them to account.”

The kidnappings happened about 15 kilometers from the village of Arbinda, in the Sahel region. It is believed that they were carried out by members of armed groups.

Arbinda is one of many villages in northern Burkina Faso that have been surrounded by armed groups since early 2019. This means that it is very difficult for residents to get food, water, and other basic needs.