May 22, 2024

UNICEF Uganda Situation Report No. 6 (Ebola Virus Disease) – Reporting period: 19 December 2022 – 06 January 2023


January 6, 2023 marks 112 days of response to the Ebola virus disease (SVD) outbreak in Sudan and 40 days since the last confirmed case in Kassanda district.

Uganda is expected to be declared Ebola-free by 11 January 2023 if there are no new infections by that time.

The Ministry of Health (MoH), districts and partners in Uganda continue to implement several outbreak control interventions in all affected districts to contain the outbreak.

During this reporting period, 36 children and guardians benefited from Mental Health Psychosocial Support Services (MHPSS), bringing the total number of children and guardians to 4,356 people (326 female guardians, 204 carers, 2,073 girls and 1,753 boys, including 4 children with disabilities) since the beginning of the response.

Infection prevention and control/WASH supplies have been sent to 46 high-risk medical facilities in Jinja, Masaka and Kampala through Kampala Capital City Government (KCCA)

Over 3,415 teams village task forces activated, 114 parish task forces, 7 sub-district task forces (SBTFs), 4 town task forces and 10 divisions activated

Total 820,000 people received SVD messages through mass media and interpersonal communications in impacted and high-risk counties during this reporting period.

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