May 22, 2024

NGO Africa Watch awarded Best Non-Profit Media Publication 2022

Congratulations to NGO Africa Watch for  being awarded Best Non-Profit Media Publication 2022 at the African Excellence Awards 2022 hosted by MEA Markets.

Why we have been awarded Best Non-Profit Media Publication 2022

  1. All our content is sourced from Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO)s, Civil Society Organisations (CSO)s, Charities, Foundations and reputable Individuals who have depth understanding of their thematic area (education, humanitarian, climate change, women and youths, agriculture, disability etc).
  2. We have 50000 views daily traffic from all over the world.
  3. We stick to ethical and responsible journalism, guided by a strict Editorial Policy and Code of Practice.
  4. All of our content is free to read and republish under our Editorial Policy while most media organisations around the globe charge a fee for re-publication.
  5. We disseminate our content to more than 50 sites worldwide. That gives our content a global reach of 1 million readers a month, and we are growing strong everyday.
  6. We are a not-for-profit media organisation serving the public good.