May 29, 2024

Mhakwe Heritage foundation Trust engages Chiefs

ZCC Manicaland Secretariat team accompanied by Rev Rambeni and Mr Mutambirwa from Mhakwe Heritage Trust recently held bilateral engagement meetings with Chief Makumbe and Chief Gwebu of Buhera. The engagement meetings aimed to strengthen relations between Church and Traditional leadership.
Traditional leaders play a key role in.promoting family values, unity and peace building through discouraging revenge and promoting out of court settlement of civil cases and dialogue to resolve conflicts
And also protecting the environment through the use of various indigenous knowledge system. For example discouraging cutting down of trees in sacred areas.
Chief Makumbe is from central buhera and borders with Chief Gwebu and Chief Nyashanu.  The chieftaincy is an offshoot of the Neshangwe chieftainship. It was founded by Ngundu, the son of Makumbe.
Makumbe people rely on agricultural activities growing small grains and cattle rearing. Major Conflicts in the area include land conflicts, Gender based violence and witchcraft. However Chief Makumbe plays a critical role im peace building through mediating  conflicts, facilitating out of court settlement of Civil cases while reporting criminal cases to the police.
As a Senator Chief Makumbe understands key development issues including policy making process and plays a key role in mobilizing community members to participate in public consultations/ hearing in policy formulation.
The chieftainship originated from  Matebeleland in Isigodini. Gwebu community migrated around  1927 because of disruption by white settlers.
Upon arrival in Buhera the Gwebu were welcomed and allocated land by the then Chief Makumbe demonstrating the beauty of ubutu and tolerance between the two ethnic groups. Since then, the Gwebu community have managed to preserve their Ndebele culture. Majority of Gwebu people use Ndebele language and the language have been officially introduced at Gwebu primary School.
This was contributed by  Executive Director and Founder of Mhakwe Heritage foundation Trust (MHFT) David Mutambirwa