May 29, 2024

German grants US$31 million to WFP Mozambique

Photo: WFP/ Falume Bachir, WFP food distribution, Cabo Delgado, Mozambique.

The German government has granted €26 million (US$31 million) to the UN World Food Programme (WFP) in Mozambique.

According to a joint release from the German embassy and the WFP, this grant is to assist the hundreds of thousands of people displaced by terrorist activities in the northern province of Cabo Delgado and to counter the impacts of the Covid19 pandemic.

The new funding is in response to an urgent appeal by the WFP for more funds so that it can continue to provide support to people in need and buy and store food stocks to face the approaching 2021/2022 rainy season to protect against any disturbances in aid that may result from logistical problems caused by heavy rains.

According to German ambassador Lothar Freischlder, “Germany has doubled its contribution, because it is important for us to attend to the needs of people affected by crises and disasters, and so I am proud of these funds
which are arriving at a moment when the people of Cabo Delgado have most need of them to survive and to rebuild”.

WFP national director in Mozambique, Antonella d’Aprile declared that without the German support “thousands of people would suffer from food insecurity in northern Mozambique. The German contribution allows us to help 298,000 people affected by the conflict”.

She added that “as the need for humanitarian assistance increases to record levels, driven by conflicts, climate change, and Covid19, WFP will continue to support the most vulnerable people, and provide assistance for recovery and resilience, working in close collaboration with the national institutions”.

Source: Mozambique News Agency