May 29, 2024

$1.7 billion needed to support the most vulnerable in South Sudan by 2023

Peter Hendricks in South Sudan

The humanitarian community in South Sudan today launched its 2023 Humanitarian Response Plan.

The plan aims to secure $1.7 billion to provide life-saving assistance and livelihood support to 6.8 million people who are among the most vulnerable affected by conflict, climate shock, and prolonged displacement across the country.

At the launch of the 2023 Humanitarian Response Plan, Sara Beysolow Nyanti, Humanitarian Coordinator for South Sudan, said: “Today’s launch reflects months of consultation and planning by stakeholders to ensure we can meet everyone’s needs in the face of competitive disasters, global emergencies, and shrinking funding. The people of South Sudan deserve more than the effort to help them survive,” Ms. Nyanti said.

Widespread violence, ongoing conflict and flooding continue to increase people’s vulnerability. More than two-thirds of South Sudan’s population will need some form of humanitarian assistance and protection by 2023. Eight million people could be severely food insecure at the height of the grain season from April to May.

Women and girls are likely to continue to face an increasing risk of attack when performing daily household chores and children may not have access to education. Millions of people may not have access to vital health services. Lack of water, sanitation and adequate sanitation services can lead to many infectious diseases and malnutrition.

“Our immediate priorities in 2023 include sustaining our response to people with urgent humanitarian and protection needs, especially women, children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. Humanitarian partners need unimpeded and safe access to deliver timely and essential life-saving assistance. We also need urgent funding to prevent further deterioration of the humanitarian situation,” Ms. Nyanti stressed.

“I thank our donors, humanitarian partners and government counterparts for their support in 2022. We will continue to build bridges between short-term assistance, medium-term outcomes, and longer-term impact in 2023. But we need the violence to stop so that the people of South Sudan can rebuild their lives,” Ms. Nyanti stated.

“The most vulnerable have inspired us with their resilience and hope. I ask for your support to help shift their hope into a reality,” the Humanitarian Coordinator concluded.