May 22, 2024

Sudan: Thousands Plan to March Despite Hamdok’s Promises

Cape Town — Thousands of citizens plan to march across the country today, despite assurances from Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok that he will step down if the Sudanese people see that the political agreement does not serve their interests.

Rayan Ma’mon from the Khartoum Resistance Commitee said people are still as committed “to take down the militia rule”, especially after promises of no force during the protests were not kept.

Hamdok defended the agreement with coup leader Gen Abdelfattah El Burhan, saying it aims to  stop the violence from  turning into a civil war.  If the  terms are strictly implemented,  he said,  it will prevent bloodshed and preserve the right to demonstrate.

But Ma’mon said the violence against protesters continues. “ We had over 200 people killed in Nuba Mountains yesterday. They had over 20 towns burned to ashes and around 80 women and 10+ children raped,” Ma’mon said.

The protest organiser said the military used bulldozers to remove barricades protesters had set up to be safe from being run over by army vehicles “like always happens”.

“ Everyone is still as excited to go out and chant so far though,”Ma’mon said about today’s demonstrations.

Source: AllAfrica